Monday, 29 December 2014

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Frost, Ice & Stars

The frost has not left us today, but we did not get the snow that covered so much of the country.  The sun is just setting, bringing a rose-gold glow to the garden at the back of the house.  I was just looking at Patrick George’s painting, “Hickbush, Snow Scene With Hare”.  He captures the local landscape perfectly and manages to really create the atmosphere of winter cold.  When I look at it I instantly recall the sensation of breathing in freezing and water-laden air.  He makes me feel as if I am standing beside him, looking at the view at that moment in time.  I like paintings like that.

I’m looking forward to seeing the snow here for the first time. I’m eager to see it’s effect on our own particular landscape and on the light.  When it does come, I will be out with camera and sketchbook to make copious notes for future paintings.

One thing that I did see this month was the Geminid meteor shower.  Living out in the countryside, as we do, means that there is very little light pollution.  The stars are very visible here.  I was able to get a good view from the field behind the house.  I  admit to a child-like excitement about seeing shooting stars.  I find them to be a magical sight!

I’ve been out walking around Lavenham again today.  It was beautiful in the winter sunshine and I am always intrigued by the patterns and shapes in the church and it’s surroundings.  The imposing tower can be seen for miles around and is a real local landmark.  However, although large, I find it a very friendly and cheerful building up close.  I love all the carvings and flint work on the outside.  I spent some time this morning taking photographs of tree and star designs and also the yew trees along the paths, which are clipped into globe shapes.  This topiary does seem to be a feature of the area and our own village church has similar designs, on a smaller scale.

One of my favourite things about December was the Candlelit Carol Service. We live in a very sociable village and the little medieval church was full on the afternoon of the 21st.  We were lucky enough to sit in the choir stalls, which meant that I was able to get an elevated view over the beautiful interior space.  It was a very relaxed and cheerful.  I like the fact that it took place on the winter solstice.  It seemed apt to celebrate the light.

I’m thoroughly enjoying having a few days off.  I love my work, but it is good to get time to talk and to read and to refresh a brain which feels “hoovered out” by constant composition.  Thus I think that a few more walks to the pub and a few more hours spent delving into the pile of books by the armchair, are in order before the whole process starts again next year.

All text & images ©2014 Carol Saunderson

"Patrick George" by Andrew Lambirth, Sansom & Co., 2014.