Monday, 23 April 2018

Abstract Landscape Painter.  Rural Dweller.  Lover of Modernist Art and Design.

23 April

Since the beginning of the year I have produced over twenty paintings.  Today I am allocating them to four groups, in order to send them to four shows which are coming up in May and June.  I have been deliberating for a while, but now I make my final decision and carefully wrap and stack each one. There is little room to move in my small studio.  All spare work surfaces and hanging spaces are full.

Before beginning the associated form-filling, I give myself a break in order to cut the meadow path.  Although it is only eight days since the field was mown, the grass has grown so rapidly as to make it almost indistinguishable.  I am keen to re-establish it.  Its sinuous edge and neatness emphasise the beauty of the wild areas.

Edges are also very important to me in my work.  In a painting, a well-crafted edge enhances that which lies on either side.

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