Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Abstract Landscape Painter.  Rural Dweller.  Lover of Modernist Art and Design.

20 June

Grey clouds blowing across a verdant patchwork of landscape.  Different shades of softness, illuminated here, and then there.

Every day threatens rain, but none comes.  The earth in the fields is cracked - openings as wide as my thumb.  If we don’t get some moisture soon, crop yields will be down.  Especially after the snow-delayed Spring.

A buzzard glides above the sheep field and finches chatter in the hedgerows.  The air is temperate.

As I leave the lane behind and set off uphill, I hear only the skylarks and the wind.  The wood sounds like the sea.

On a path along the edge of an oat field, I count five Meadow Brown butterflies - alighting, ascending, alighting, ascending - ahead of us as we walk.

Then home through the barley; the wind rippling the green, velvet surface.  Waves passing over us.

All text & images ©2018 Carol Saunderson