Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Abstract Landscape Painter.  Rural Dweller.  Lover of Modernist Art and Design.

11 September

I’m currently working on a wide, narrow, panoramic landscape painting.  Today, therefore, I am particularly focussed on the shapes of distant trees and the surface of the land.

The morning is warmer than I had anticipated and, by the time that we get near to the Hall, I am beginning to feel very over-dressed.  The small windproof jacket, that I have put on over a t-shirt, is making me steam as the sun shines on my back.  I feel as is my torso is cooking en papillote!

Millie, meanwhile, is rootling in the hedgerow, fascinated by the many scuttling noises therein.  I coax her along the bridle path and pause beneath an oak tree.  That invisible force, the wind, is making its presence known by slowly rocking the heavy boughs back and forth.  The roar of the power passing through the leaves is like the sound of heavy rain or the churning of the sea.  Two black rooks fly above me, repeatedly heading into the rush of air and then pausing, like tethered kites, until they tilt..... and allow themselves to be blown backwards to start again.

I turn to my left and watch the light pass over the compact shapes of distant woods, large solitary trees and undulating hedgerows.  The colours and tones change from moment to moment, as bars of shadow run down the stubble fields and ploughed work.  The hues intensify and dim from second to second - lights on, lights off, lights on, lights off.

All text & images ©2018 Carol Saunderson